Keurig Iced Coffee Makers

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13 min readJun 18, 2024


Are you tired of sipping on lukewarm coffee on a hot summer day? Look no further than the Keurig Iced Coffee Maker! In this article, we’ll be rounding up the top Keurig iced coffee makers on the market, helping you find the perfect solution to beat the heat with a refreshing cup of iced coffee. From functionality to design, we’ve got you covered.

The Top 8 Best Keurig Iced Coffee Makers

  1. Keurig K-Supreme Black Single Serve Coffee Maker for Iced Coffee — The Keurig K-Supreme Black Single Serve Coffee Maker offers a compact and attractive design with easy-to-clean features, providing a tailored brewing experience for flavor-rich and aromatic coffee.
  2. Keurig K-Supreme Plus Iced Coffee Maker — Discover the pinnacle of coffee brewing with the innovative Keurig K-Supreme Plus, boasting MultiStream Technology, adaptable brewing controls, and a generous capacity reservoir, all housed within a contemporary, compact design.
  3. Keurig K-Café Barista Bar Single Serve Coffee Maker and Frother — Experience the convenience of creating coffeehouse favorites at home with the Keurig K-Café Barista Bar, featuring a versatile frother, brew-over-ice function, and a 42oz removable reservoir.
  4. Keurig K-Iced Essentials: Brew Over Ice for Perfect Iced Coffee — Craft the ideal combination of scorching and chilled Brewed coffee, with the Keurig K-Iced Essentials single-serve coffee maker, possessing a blue Boost iced Extraction switch that enhances taste and comes with an appealing, user-friendly cleaning design.
  5. Keurig K-Slim Iced Coffee Maker: Slim and Stylish for Ice-Cold Drinks — Brew perfect hot or iced coffee in minutes with the compact, attractive, and easy-to-use Keurig K-Slim + Iced Single-Serve Coffee Maker, now featuring an automatic Brew Over Ice feature for enhanced flavor.
  6. Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker — Brushed Silver — Experience the ultimate convenience and style in brewing with the Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker, boasting a 4.4-star rating, 12594 reviews, and features perfect for home and office use.
  7. Keurig K155 Office Pro Single Cup Industrial Coffee Maker — Elevate your office coffee experience with the Keurig K155 Office Pro, a fully programmable, touchscreen brewer offering perfect cups in under a minute, with easy-to-use features and over 500 varieties of choice.
  8. Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Iced Coffee Maker — A versatile must-have for coffee lovers, the Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker in Gray offers the perfect blend for both icy and hot coffee, making daily brewing enjoyment a breeze.

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Keurig K-Supreme Black Single Serve Coffee Maker for Iced Coffee


The Keurig K-Supreme brewer quickly turned my morning coffee routine into a delightful experience. Its Multistream Technology really extracted the flavor and aroma of my coffee, and the multiple brew size options let me customize my cup to my liking. The dual-position removable reservoir was easy to refill and fit perfectly on my countertop.

However, the plastic lid felt a bit cheap and had trouble closing completely. Additionally, the replacement process required a significant amount of time and effort, but it was nice to have Keurig’s customer service support. Overall, the Keurig K-Supreme is an attractive and easy-to-clean coffee maker, but I recommend being cautious about potential issues with the manufacturing quality and the need for timely replacement.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Iced Coffee Maker


The Keurig K-Supreme Plus is a standout coffee brewer, complete with MultiStream Technology that evenly saturates the coffee grounds, extracting deep flavors and aromas from every K-Cup pod. Brew an array of coffee strengths and temperatures, or try different varieties as the Keurig K-Supreme Plus can accommodate up to 3 programmable favorites.

This sleek coffee maker offers a generous 78 oz. removable reservoir and a modern digital display screen — both fitting seamlessly in your kitchen. Plus, the travel mug friendly brewer makes refilling convenient and the Strong button elevates your brewing experience.

Keurig K-Café Barista Bar Single Serve Coffee Maker and Frother


As a coffee lover, I was thrilled to try out the Keurig K-Café Barista Bar single serve coffee maker, especially with its inclusion as a frother. Brewing with this machine became a daily ritual, and I was particularly impressed by its ability to create hot and iced lattes, cappuccinos, and more of my favorite coffeehouse beverages right in my own home.

The 3 cup sizes were a great addition, as I could choose between an 8, 10, or 12 oz cup — perfect for a quick breakfast brew or a refreshing iced coffee on a hot day. The brew over ice feature was also a game-changer, allowing me to enjoy ice coffee without any watered-down taste.

What really set this machine apart, however, was the milk frother included. The ability to add froth to my hot and iced beverages was a great touch, and the frother’s hot and cold temperature settings made it even more versatile. The separate frother also made for a more streamlined and compact brewing experience without sacrificing quality.

Now, no product is perfect, and while this Keurig coffee maker was overall a great addition to my daily routine, it did come with a few minor drawbacks. For one, the water reservoir was a bit on the small side, requiring frequent refills. Additionally, the frother did leave some residue after use, making for a slightly more time-consuming clean-up process than I had hoped for.

Despite these small issues, the Keurig K-Café Barista Bar has proven to be a reliable and enjoyable addition to my coffee-making routine. Its ability to create quality brews and froth with ease makes it a worthwhile investment for any coffee connoisseur looking to enhance their daily caffeine fix.

Keurig K-Iced Essentials: Brew Over Ice for Perfect Iced Coffee


The Keurig K-Iced Essentials Single Serve Coffee Maker perfectly blends the convenience of brewing hot or iced coffee in a single device, while also providing a modern and sleek design. Users can appreciate the automatic adjustment in brew temperature, starting hotter to extract every droplet of flavor, and then cooling down to minimize ice melt. This results in a refreshing and balanced iced coffee.

The coffee maker offers four cup sizes for both hot and iced brews: 6, 8, and 10 ounces. With the 36 ounce removable reservoir, users can brew multiple delicious and refreshing cups between refills. The versatile Keurig K-Iced Essentials not only brews coffee but also hot tea, catering to every beverage preference.

This compact coffee maker suits a wide range of kitchen decors and seamlessly fits under overhead cabinetry. The easy-to-clean design also sports a removable base tray to catch drips or overflows. The Keurig K-Iced Essentials is designed with a descale light, a removable grate for easy cleaning, and is quiet when operating. Users can also enjoy the bonus Keurig tumbler for their brews.

This device has received mixed reviews, with some users praising its convenience and delicious coffee brews, while others have noted a low build quality and a few minor functional concerns. Overall, the Keurig K-Iced Essentials Single Serve Coffee Maker offers a practical and easy solution for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite brews at their convenience.

Keurig K-Slim Iced Coffee Maker: Slim and Stylish for Ice-Cold Drinks


I recently tried out the Keurig K-Slim + Iced Single-Serve Coffee Maker, and I must say, it’s a game-changer for coffee lovers like me. The brewer’s sleek design fits perfectly on my countertop, taking up minimal space. It’s a great addition to any kitchen, and its compact size makes it easy to store.

The K-Slim allows me to choose from three different cup sizes, ensuring that I always have the perfect brew. Whether I’m in the mood for a warm, cozy cup of coffee or a refreshing iced beverage, this coffee maker has me covered. The Brew Over Ice feature is a fantastic touch, providing me with rich, full-flavored iced coffee in just a few minutes.

One aspect I appreciated about the product was its ease of use and clean-up. The removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs, making it more convenient to enjoy my coffee on-the-go. Plus, the travel mug feature significantly reduces spills, making my life easier.

However, I did encounter a few minor issues while using the Keurig K-Slim. Firstly, the machine tends to spill water and coffee, which can be messy. I had to place a mat underneath the machine to prevent this issue from occurring. Secondly, the machine would occasionally stop working and require a reset, which can be frustrating.

Despite these small issues, I am overall very satisfied with the Keurig K-Slim + Iced Single-Serve Coffee Maker. It is an attractive, easy-to-use, and versatile addition to my daily routine. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to elevate their coffee experience.

Keurig K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker — Brushed Silver


The Keurig K-Elite Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker in Brushed Silver is a stylish and versatile addition to any home or office setting, offering a range of brew sizes and beverage options. Its sleek finish and compact size make it a great fit for contemporary kitchens and modern offices, while its height-adjustable design caters to various applications.

With a strong brew option and brew sizes ranging from 4 to 12 ounces, this coffee maker ensures a satisfying and convenient brewing experience every time. The 75-ounce water reservoir minimizes refills and the removable drip tray makes cleaning up simple.

With various programmable features like temperature control and auto-on, the Keurig K-Elite is a reliable and stylish choice for coffee lovers.

Keurig K155 Office Pro Single Cup Industrial Coffee Maker


The Keurig OfficePRO Premier Brewing System is a high-performance coffee maker designed for offices and commercial environments. It features a touchscreen panel that allows users to easily customize the brewing process, including temperature control and auto shut-off.

The system is capable of brewing a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or iced beverage in under a minute. With a water tank capacity of 90 ounces, it ensures an efficient brewing process throughout the workday. The machine comes with a variety of K-Cup pods, offering users more than 500 choices of beverages.

Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Iced Coffee Maker


Discover the convenience and versatility of the Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker in Gray. This compact, easy-to-use coffee machine not only allows you to brew over ice for a delightful iced coffee experience, but also offers robust brew settings for a strong, intensely flavorful hot coffee. The removable reservoir ensures you can enjoy multiple refreshing cups between refills.

With its sleek, attractive design and easy-to-clean features, the K-Iced coffee maker is perfect for any kitchen. However, some users have reported a low-quality build, which may affect overall satisfaction with the product. Despite these concerns, the Keurig K-Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker offers a unique and convenient way to enjoy both iced and hot coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for Keurig iced coffee makers. In this section, you’ll find essential features to consider, important decisions to make, and general advice to help you choose the perfect iced coffee maker for your needs. Let’s get started!

Product Compatibility

One of the most important features to consider when selecting a Keurig iced coffee maker is its compatibility with your existing Keurig system. Make sure that the coffee maker you choose is compatible with the Keurig pods you use and the brewer you already own. This can help you streamline the brewing process and ensure a seamless transition.

Ice Capacity

Another crucial factor to think about when choosing an iced coffee maker is its ice capacity. Consider the size of your family or the number of people you typically serve. A larger ice capacity allows you to make more ice at once, saving you time and energy in the long run. Additionally, look for models that offer adjustable ice cube sizes to help you make your perfect iced coffee.

Water Reservoir

Another key feature to consider is the water reservoir. You’ll want a large enough reservoir to accommodate your needs, but also one that’s easy to clean and refill. Some models offer a removable water reservoir for added convenience, while others have built-in reservoirs that require more care. Choose a model that best fits your preferences and cleaning habits.

Safety Features

Lastly, consider safety features when making your purchase. Look for models with an automatic shut-off feature to prevent your iced coffee maker from overheating or causing damage. Additionally, make sure the machine is easy to use and has a child-lock setting to prevent accidental use by younger family members.


What is the Cool Ice by Keurig iced coffee maker?

The Cool Ice by Keurig is a single-serve iced coffee maker specially designed for creating refreshing, frosty beverages. This nifty appliance utilizes the same coffee pods as other Keurig machines but produces a brewed coffee that can be chilled and poured over ice to create a delightful, chilly drink.

Cool Ice by Keurig is equipped with a powerful brew setting, ensuring that the coffee maintains its flavor when served over icy chunks. Additionally, the coffee maker is outfitted with a built-in water filtration system that helps purify the water used, leading to a brighter, cleaner flavor in the final beverage.

Its user-friendly interface and sleek design make Cool Ice by Keurig an essential addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen, making it effortless to prepare irresistible iced coffee in the comfort of your own abode.

What are the key features of Cool Ice by Keurig?

Some of the remarkable features of Cool Ice by Keurig encompass a robust brew setting for brewing over ice, a 12-cup water reservoir, and an incorporated water filtration system. This device also boasts a easily detachable drip tray for simple tidying up and a neatly tucked-away cord on the countertop. Furthermore, it’s compatible with all standard Keurig coffee pods, which means you can experiment with numerous brewing options for your iced coffee delight.

The Cool Ice by Keurig is also petite and lightweight, making it a fantastic option for those with limited countertop real estate. Its neat appearance and user-friendly controls make it a preferred choice for anyone aiming to enjoy scrumptious, cool coffee at home without investing in a separate, cumbersome appliance exclusively for chilled brews.

How does Cool Ice by Keurig work?

Using Cool Ice by Keurig is a breeze. First, fill the 12-cup water reservoir with fresh, filtered water. Then, select a robust coffee pod of your choice and place it in the appliance’s pod holder. Press the start button to commence brewing the coffee, and wait for the brewing process to finish. Pour the hot coffee over a glass brimming with ice, and savor your refreshing iced coffee.

For the ultimate experience, it is advisable to use the machine’s robust brew setting when brewing over ice. This setting guarantees that the coffee retains its flavor and intensity when chilled. Furthermore, to further enhance the taste of your chilled coffee, it is suggested to use high-quality, robust coffee pods specifically designed for iced coffee brewing.

What are the benefits of using Cool Ice by Keurig compared to other methods of making iced coffee?

One of the main advantages of using Cool Ice by Keurig is convenience. With its single-serve brewing functionality and straightforward control, this device makes it easy and quick to enjoy a delicious, freshly brewed chilled coffee without the necessity for any extra equipment or ingredients. This is particularly advantageous for those who wish to relish iced coffee at home but do not possess the space or storage for a separate, bulky iced coffee maker.

Moreover, Cool Ice by Keurig’s internal water filtration system ensures that the beverage created by the machine boasts a clean, invigorating taste. This is particularly crucial when making iced coffee, as the cold temperature can sometimes bring out off-flavors in the brew. With Cool Ice by Keurig, you can revel in a premium-quality, satisfying iced coffee every time, sans the need for any additional appliances or accessories.

What coffee pods are compatible with Cool Ice by Keurig?

The Cool Ice by Keurig is compatible with all standard Keurig coffee pods. This extensive range of options allows you to tailor the flavor, intensity, and taste of your iced coffee. Some of the most beloved coffee pods for use with Cool Ice by Keurig include those crafted by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, such as the Dark Magic and Breakfast Blend.

Other well-known brands of coffee pods that are compatible with Cool Ice by Keurig include Folgers, Maxwell House, and Dunkin’ Donuts. These coffee pods provide a variety of flavors, levels of strength, and roast options, empowering you to craft the ideal chilled coffee experience according to your individual preferences.

Is Cool Ice by Keurig simple to maintain and clean?

Absolutely, Cool Ice by Keurig is designed with ease of maintenance and cleaning in mind. Its removable drip tray and water reservoir allow for effortless cleaning of any spills or residues left after brewing. Moreover, the appliance’s internal water filtration system aids in reducing impurities that can affect the taste of your beverage. This means that you can consistently relish delicious, revitalizing chilled coffee with minimal fuss.

It is advised to clean the machine’s detachable components regularly, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper care and upkeep. By maintaining your Cool Ice by Keurig in top shape, you can ensure that it continues to provide you with zestful, frosty refreshments for many years to come.

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