Midi Dresses With Sleeves

Adelina Suarez
11 min readApr 9, 2024



Looking for the perfect midi dress with sleeves? Look no further! In this article, we’ve gathered a roundup of the most stylish and versatile options on the market. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a formal event or simply want to make a statement, we’ve got you covered. Dive in and discover your new favorite midi dress with sleeves!

The Top 5 Best Midi Dresses With Sleeves

  1. Sleek Pink Floral Midi Puff Sleeve Dress from Alexia Admor — Experience exquisite elegance with the Alexia Admor Women’s Pink Floral Midi Dress, featuring stylish puff sleeves, a captivating side slit, and a perfect fit for ladies size XL.
  2. Luxurious Midi Dress with Bubble Sleeves — Experience elegance with Alexia Admor’s Felicity Bubble Sleeve Midi Dress, featuring a v-neck, luxurious satin fabric, and versatile midi length skirt — perfect for any occasion.
  3. Floral Embroidery Mid-Length Sleeve Dress in Mid Green — Add a pop of color and sophistication to your wardrobe with the ASOS Design Edition Floral Embroidery Long Sleeve Midi Dress in Mid Green, featuring a chic V-neck design and cinching tie belt.
  4. Ruffled Long Sleeve Midi Dress in Black — Embrace elegance with the August Sky Women’s Ruched Long Sleeve Midi Dress RD2052_Black_Medium, featuring a smocked bodice and a tiered silhouette that drapes perfectly on your figure, now available in a sleek, on-trend black color.
  5. Elegant Stone Wrap Midi Dress with Spread Collar — A sophisticated and versatile midi dress perfect for work and play, complete with stylish spread collar long sleeves and tie waist in comfortable 100% polyester fabric.

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Sleek Pink Floral Midi Puff Sleeve Dress from Alexia Admor

Sleek Pink Floral Midi Puff Sleeve Dress from Alexia Admor | Image

The Alexia Admor Women’s Iris Smocked Puff Sleeve Midi Dress in Pink Floral is a stunning midi dress with a touch of elegance. I’ve been wearing this dress to various events, and the compliments I’ve received have been overwhelming. The puff sleeves, while a bit unexpected for a midi dress, add a playful touch that elevates the overall appearance.

The smocked side slit adds a sophisticated element to the dress, making it perfect for those extra-special occasions. The rayon fabric feels luxurious, but it might require some extra care when washing, as mentioned in the product description. One thing I noticed with this dress is that the sizing may run a bit small, so it’s essential to consider sizing up if planning on wearing it.

Overall, the Alexia Admor Women’s Iris Smocked Puff Sleeve Midi Dress in Pink Floral is a stylish and unique addition to any wardrobe, with its feminine details and flattering fit.

Luxurious Midi Dress with Bubble Sleeves

Luxurious Midi Dress with Bubble Sleeves | Image

I recently had the pleasure of wearing the Alexia Admor Felicity Bubble Sleeve Midi Dress to a formal dinner, and I must say, it was a delightful experience. The moment I slipped it on, I felt the luxurious touch of its lightweight satin fabric, which made me eager to show it off.

One of the unique features about this dress is its exaggerated puff sleeves that give it an opulent and feminine look. The midi skirt length added a touch of elegance to my overall appearance, and it was perfect for the occasion. I also appreciated that, true to size, it fit like a glove. However, it did run a little large, so I would suggest sizing down if you want a more snug fit.

Overall, I enjoyed wearing the Felicity Bubble Sleeve Midi Dress and received numerous compliments on its lovely design. It’s a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making it a worthwhile investment for any fashion-conscious individual.

Floral Embroidery Mid-Length Sleeve Dress in Mid Green

Floral Embroidery Mid-Length Sleeve Dress in Mid Green | Image

I recently tried on the ASOS Design Edition Floral Embroidery Long Sleeve Midi Dress in Mid Green, and I have to say, the first impression was stunning. The floral embroidery definitely added a lovely artistic touch, and the silk feel was just amazing. The fit, however, was a bit tricky — I’d suggest going down two sizes.

The removable tie belt is a great addition, but I found it a bit confusing as I was used to traditional belts. If only the shell and lining were better suited, this midi dress could have been the perfect ensemble.

Ruffled Long Sleeve Midi Dress in Black

Ruffled Long Sleeve Midi Dress in Black | Image

I recently had the pleasure of trying on the August Sky Women’s Ruffled Long Sleeve Midi Dress in black. As someone who loves chic yet comfortable clothing, this dress made me feel like a runway model with all its elegance.

One of the first things I noticed was the on-trend appeal, thanks to the smocked bodice, creating an air of sophistication. The long sleeves and lined material of this dress were a perfect fit for the cold, crisp autumn season. I also appreciated how the tiered silhouette elegantly draped off my figure, accentuating my curves in the best way possible.

However, there were a few drawbacks I encountered. Firstly, the material felt a bit thin, which could be problematic for some people when it comes to durability. Secondly, I found the fabric to be quite wrinkled, which resulted in the need for constant ironing after washing. Considering the effort that is required to maintain the appearance of this dress, it may not be the perfect option for someone with a busy lifestyle.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of wearing this midi dress and appreciated the unique features it brought to the table. It will definitely add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit, but just be mindful of the potential drawbacks before making your purchase.

Elegant Stone Wrap Midi Dress with Spread Collar

Elegant Stone Wrap Midi Dress with Spread Collar | Image

I recently tried this ASOS Design Spread Collar Long Sleeve Wrap Midi Dress in Stone at Nordstrom, and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it’s quite an elegant dress with a polished midi cut and beautiful billowy sleeves. The spread collar Long sleeves with two-button cuffs give it a sophisticated look, and it’s exclusive to Nordstrom.

However, I did encounter a couple of drawbacks. The fabric feels nice to the touch, but it wrinkles quite easily and isn’t ideal for the office or a date night. The wrap style made it a bit difficult to put on, especially at first, and the sleeves seemed a little tight, making it hard to lift my arms all the way up.

One major issue I had was with the wind. My skirt kept billowing up, and I had to be careful when I walked to avoid any unwanted exposure. It might not be the best choice for a breezy day.

Despite these shortcomings, I enjoyed wearing the dress and received compliments on its style. I think it could work well for a special occasion, but I would definitely size up for more comfort and better fit. Overall, it’s a nice piece, but there are some aspects to consider when deciding whether it’s the right choice for you.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to finding the perfect midi dress with sleeves, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you make the right choice. From fabric to styling options, this guide will help you navigate the world of midi dresses and find the one that suits your needs and preferences best.



The fabric of a midi dress with sleeves can greatly impact its overall look and feel. Some popular fabric options include silk, cotton, linen, and polyester. Silk is a luxurious option that provides a smooth and shiny finish, while cotton offers a comfortable, breathable material ideal for warm weather. Linen is also breathable and perfect for summer, but it may wrinkle easily. Polyester is a synthetic material that is easy to care for and resistant to wrinkles, but it may not be as comfortable or breathable as natural fabrics.


Midi dresses with sleeves come in a wide range of colors to suit various occasions and personal style preferences. Neutrals like black, white, and beige are versatile choices that go with many outfits, while brighter colors like red, blue, or green can make a bold statement. Consider the colors in your wardrobe and how the dress will complement your existing pieces. If you plan to wear the dress for formal events, classic shades like navy, maroon, or silver may be more appropriate.



Styling can significantly impact the overall look of a midi dress with sleeves. To create a polished look, consider pairing the dress with complementary accessories. Heels, sandals, or boots can add height and create a cohesive outfit, while a belt or statement necklace can accentuate the waist and add visual interest. When it comes to footwear, closed-toe options like pumps or ankle boots are more formal, while open-toed shoes like sandals or flats can be more casual. Additionally, consider the length of the sleeve — three-quarter or full-length sleeves offer more coverage, while shorter sleeves with lace cut-outs or ruffled details can add a playful touch.

Body Type

When selecting a midi dress with sleeves, it’s essential to consider your body shape and how the dress will flatter your figure. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, consider midi dresses with a fitted waist and flared skirt to accentuate your curves. Pear-shaped women may benefit from midi dresses with an A-line or Empire waist, while vertical lines created by patterns or seaming can help elongate the body for those with shorter torsos.



What is a midi dress with sleeves?

A midi dress with sleeves is a type of fashion dress that falls just above the knee and comes with sleeves covering some part of the arms. This style is popular among women who are looking for a balance of elegance and modesty in their clothing. These dresses are versatile and can be worn for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events.

The lengths of the sleeves can vary from long, three-quarter, or short, depending on the design and the preferences of the wearer. The midi length provides coverage, making the dress a suitable choice for different weather conditions and settings. Additionally, the range of sleeve lengths accommodates various styles and fashion preferences, ensuring that there’s a midi dress with sleeves to cater to all tastes.


What are the benefits of wearing a midi dress with sleeves?

Midi dresses with sleeves offer several advantages to their wearers. Firstly, they provide a modest yet fashionable look. The midi length and the presence of sleeves mean that one can maintain a sense of decorum without compromising on style. Secondly, they are versatile and can be worn to different occasions. Whether attending a formal event or visiting a casual gathering, a midi dress with sleeves can be a stylish and appropriate choice.

Thirdly, these dresses are weather-friendly. The midi length ensures that you stay covered and warm in cold weather, while the sleeves provide additional protection against sunburn or wind. Furthermore, midi dresses with sleeves are perfect for women of all ages and body types, making them a universally appealing and inclusive style choice. The option to choose between short, three-quarter, or long sleeves also adds to the appeal of these dresses, catering to various personal preferences.

What are the current trends in midi dresses with sleeves?

Midi dresses with sleeves are quite popular right now, and there are several trends in fashion that contribute to their current popularity. First and foremost, designers are embracing a mix of classic and contemporary styles. This includes blending floral or other intricate patterns with minimalist designs or more geometric patterns. This combination results in modern interpretations of timeless fashion that are both eye-catching and elegant.

Another trend in midi dresses with sleeves is the use of different textures and materials. The popular fabrics for these dresses include silk, cotton, chiffon, and satin. Each material brings a unique texture, feel, and drape, adding variety and interest to these fashionable pieces. Additionally, designers are exploring various color palettes, ranging from bold or bright hues to soft, pastel shades. This has resulted in a more diverse range of midi dresses with sleeves, catering to different personal tastes and wardrobes.


How can I accessorize a midi dress with sleeves?

Accessories play a crucial role in enhancing the overall look of a midi dress with sleeves. First and foremost, consider choosing the appropriate footwear. Depending on the formality of the occasion, you can opt for high heels, wedges, or sandals. Flats are also a great option if the dress is meant for a casual outing. Make sure the footwear complements the dress without overpowering it.

Another essential accessory for completing the look of a midi dress with sleeves is jewelry. You can wear chunky bracelets, delicate necklaces, or earrings to add a touch of glamour to the outfit. Remember to choose jewelry that accentuates the dress without clashing with it. Additionally, a small clutch or crossbody bag can be used to carry your essentials. Choose bags in neutral colors or patterns that blend seamlessly with the dress.

What are some popular brands that offer midi dresses with sleeves?

There are several popular fashion brands that offer a range of midi dresses with sleeves. Some of these brands include L. K. Bennett, Ted Baker, Reiss, Victoria Beckham, and Self Portrait. These labels are renowned for their eye for design and their use of high-quality materials, making their midi dresses with sleeves a favorite among fashion enthusiasts.

While these brands might be on the pricier side, they have established a strong reputation for producing quality midi dresses with sleeves that are well worth the investment. Alternatively, you can also find affordable options in high-street stores like Zara, H&M, and Topshop, where you will find a variety of midi dresses with sleeves at more accessible price points.

What are some midi dress with sleeves hacks?

Here are some handy hacks to help you get the most out of your midi dress with sleeves:

  1. Layer your midi dress with a longline cardigan or a lightweight kimono for added warmth. 2. Pair your midi dress with a belt to define your waist and create a flattering silhouette. 3. Experiment with mixing different fabrics and patterns to create a unique and eye-catching ensemble. 4. Play with colors — mix and match darker shades with lighter hues to create a bold, daring look.
  2. Try rolling up the sleeves of your midi dress to uncover a hidden arm tattoo or bracelet — this helps personalize your look and adds a touch of quirkiness. 6. Finally, remember to choose the appropriate footwear and accessories that complement your midi dress with sleeves. This will elevate your overall look and bring all the elements of your outfit together.

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